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Choosing Medigap Provider: Name Recognition vs. Lowest Price When it comes to selecting the best and most affordable Medicare supplement insurance policy there are many factors to consider. First you will research policy options, such as; Medicare supplement g, Medicare plan n, or plan f and choose the plan that will best cover your individual […]

Traveling Abroad? Medicare Supplement G, Plan N & Plan F Coverage In some circumstances, original Medicare (Part A and Part B) alone, may not cover a majority of your medical expenses when traveling abroad. To find out what expenses Medicare will cover when traveling outside of the United States and its territories, click here: Medicare Coverage Outside the U.S […]

5 Questions to ask yourself about Medicare Supplement Plan F If you answer yes to any of the five questions below, Medicare Supplement F, could be beneficial to you. Do you anticipate the need to see your physician more than two or three times a year? Will you have a need for ongoing treatments or […]

About Medicare Plan G Supplemental Insurance Medicare supplemental insurance Plan G, also known as Medigap Plan G, is a popular plan option offered by Medicare supplement insurance carriers. This policy can pay for much of the large expenses original Medicare approves for your health care coverage. Specifically, Medicare Plan G provides coverage for basic benefits, […]

The Trifecta: Medicare Plan G, Medigap Plan N & Medicare Supplement Plan F Most seniors are aware that Medicare is available to them; however, they aren’t always familiar with the fact that original Medicare only covers 80% of its members’ approved medical costs. The 20% gap left behind is often paid for by the insured […]

Medicare Supplement for Women Selecting the best Medicare supplemental insurance is an important choice. Any woman enrolled in original Medicare should take time to explore their Medicare supplemental insurance policy options. If you are unsure of what policy best suits you, no problem. No single policy is the best policy for every woman.     Medicare […]

True or False? Plan N Medicare Supplemental Insurance Facts Common misconceptions regarding Plan N Medicare: FALSE: “Because pricing is standardized, I can not get a better deal on Medigap Plan N by purchasing my plan through another insurer.” TRUE: Pricing is absolutely not standardized. By doing a little price comparison and shopping around, it is very likely that you will […]

Medigap Plan N Benefits: Chart Comparison Comparing the benefits offered by each individual Medicare supplement insurance policy can become a daunting task. The easiest way to compare Medigap Plan benefits is by viewing them side-by-side. provides the side-by-side comparison chart below.  This chart allows you to view each Medicare supplemental insurance policy and it’s […]

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: Plan F or Plan G? As an individual with original Medicare (Parts A & B), you have likely been informed of the benefits of having Medicare supplemental insurance. Original Medicare does cover 80% of your approved medical expenses. Medicare supplement policies were designed to bridge that 20% gap in your health coverage left over from Medicare. […]

Your Medigap Plan N Supplemental Insurance Policy: Simplified You have just been enrolled in Medicare Plan N supplemental insurance, to act as secondary coverage to your original Medicare policy, but do you fully understand what benefits that your plan provides? Plan N Medicare supplement insurance offers great benefits for its members. With premium pricing staying nice and low, […]

Individual Needs, Individual Coverage: Medicare Supplement Plan F & Plan N All Medicare supplemental insurance plans are designed to offer a wide array of benefits to help you make the best decision according to your personal health care needs. Medicare F is a policy for those who can anticipate the need for ongoing medical care or treatment. Medicare […]

About Medicare Plan N Supplemental Insurance You have decided to enroll in a Medicare supplemental insurance plan to act as secondary coverage to your original Medicare policy. You have done some research and are interested in Medicare plan N supplemental insurance. Plan N offers great benefits while keeping premiums lower than with other Medicare supplemental […]

The Ultimate Coverage with Medicare Supplement F When shopping for Medicare Supplemental insurance, you will likely learn that Medicare supplement f is the most all-inclusive supplemental insurance coverage that an individual with original Medicare can obtain. This is the Medigap plan that will give you the ultimate coverage. Plan F completely covers the 20% gap in […]

Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Medicare Plan N Supplemental Insurance Choosing the best Medicare supplemental insurance plan should be based on a combination of factors.  First, you should determine what benefits the policy offers.  However, you need to base your decision on more than the plan benefits alone. You should evaluate your needs and financial […]

Women with Medicare: National Women’s Health Week Its Your Time! This week of May 13th-19th, 2012 is National Women’s Health Week. This is a weeklong celebration of womens’ health organized by the Department of Health & Human Services’ and Office of Women’s Health. How appropriate that this week, following Mother’s Day, is a week dedicated to […]

Could Medicare Plan N be right for you? Plan N is one of a range of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans. All Medigap policies, including Plan N, are standardized throughout the Medicare supplemental insurance industry. What does this mean for you?  It means that, whether you buy Plan N from one company or another, the benefits […]

Medicare Supplement Market Terms: Simplified Medicare supplemental insurance for seniors is available to individuals with original Medicare. When researching the best Medicare supplement plan to fit your needs, you may come across certain unfamiliar terms. Four of the most common terms are defined and explained in simple terms below: Medigap Deductible Premium “Out of Pocket” […]

Preventative Screening Information with Women with Medicare Women with original Medicare are provided with 80% coverage for these 3 preventative services specific to women: Pap Test Pelvic Exam Clinical Breast Exam Medicare will help pay for these screenings once every 2 years.  However, Medicare alone does NOT cover all of your preventative healthcare needs.  For […]

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medicare Supplemental Plan N Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N is available to those seniors who have qualified to receive Medicare benefits. Those with original Medicare already have 80% of the approved hospital and medical expenses covered. Medicare supplemental insurance plans were implemented as a means of covering the remaining 20% gap that […]

The Whole Truth: Medicare Supplemental Policy Plan F Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are available to those seniors who have qualified to receive Medicare benefits. Those with original Medicare are fortunate to have 80% of the approved hospital and medical expenses covered. Problem: What about coverage for the remaining 20%? Solution: Medicare Supplemental policies, were implemented […]

The Whole Truth: Select the best Medicare Supplemental Insurance Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are available to those seniors with Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans are standardized throughout the insurance industry.  This means that regardless of which insurance company you choose, the benefits will be identical. However, this does NOT mean that the premium or price you pay will […]

How to decide if Medicare Supplement Plan F benefits you!” Selecting the best Medicare supplemental insurance, is an important choice. Any seniors enrolled in Medicare should take time to explore their Medicare supplemental policy options.  Sifting through the vast array of policy choices can prove to be a daunting task. Let’s breakdown the supplemental policy […]

“Is Medicare Supplement Plan F an affordable supplement?” Oftentimes, senior citizens are unfamiliar with forms of health insurance that aren’t specifically Medicare. Although Medicare is usually the first option for those that have reached the age of 65, it is certainly not the only option available. Contrary to popular belief, Medicare actually only covers 80% […]

The best Medicare Supplement at a rate that won’t break your bank Contrary to popular belief, there’s really not any one Medicare Supplement policy that is considered the “best Medicare Supplement”. While Medicare Supplement Plan F is widely known to be the most all-inclusive coverage you can possibly obtain, that doesn’t mean that the plan […]

Medicare Supplement Plan F – Your Health Insurance Simplified More and more Medicare-aged seniors are looking to Medicare Supplement insurance to aid them in paying for high-priced medical expenses. While most citizens are aware that Medicare is available to them, they aren’t always familiar with the fact that Medicare only covers 80% of its members’ […]