Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

A Lasting Legacy Is More Than Just Money

At Puritan Life, we know leaving a legacy is more than balance sheets and tangible items. You have spent your life instilling values and character into your family. You have also spent a lifetime making sure you family is provided for, even in your absence.

Secure Your Family’s Future with Estate Planning

While a lasting and meaningful legacy is more than just money, proper estate planning provides control and privacy for you and your family. Estate planning is the process of preparing your estate for transfer to your heirs. It typically involves some legal and tax planning to ensure that the intent that you have for your estate is actually carried out. If done properly, you can help reduce your estate taxes and leave a financial legacy behind for your heirs to give them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Maintaining Your Plan

Setting up an estate plan is the first step to ensuring your financial legacy. However, our lives are constantly changing. A periodic review of your estate plan is essential to ensure that your plan is still relevant to your life. At Puritan Life, we promise to help you understand your options when those changes occur. Contact your Puritan representative today for a plan review to help protect your estate and make sure that an out of date plan doesn’t keep your wishes from being carried out the way that you want.

Transition Your Estate

Proper planning can reduce taxes, avoid probate and minimize privacy concerns. The transition of your estate is a difficult time, but Puritan Life pledges to provide your family the same level of service that it provides for you. Insurance solutions such as annuities and senior life insurance can help provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones when it comes time to discuss final expenses, asset transfer and estate settlement. Don’t fear taxation and probate costs – let Puritan help you transition your estate. With proper planning and assistance from your Puritan representative you can help ensure the protection of your legacy and the smooth transition of your estate.

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