Managing Retirement

Managing Retirement Income

You’ve worked hard and now you’re enjoying living life on your terms. Your retirement plan should provide a steady stream of income and protect that income so that you can continue to enjoy living the life you’ve worked so hard to attain. Puritan Life can help you manage your retirement, giving you the freedom to continue living the life you want.

Managing retirement income

Ensuring that your retirement income will last all the way through retirement is getting more difficult all the time. Corporate pensions are a thing of the past and overexposure to the volatile financial markets has left many retirees shaky. How are you generating a safe and steady income in retirement? Puritan Life offers a variety of retirement annuities and other insurance products that can help you reduce uncertainty in your retirement income. Proper retirement income planning can give you the peace of mind that your income is secured through your retirement years. Your Puritan representative can help you select the right products to meet your retirement income needs.

Retirement Income Protection

As you age, the risk of an early demise is replaced by the risk of outliving your assets. There are many potential expenses in your retirement years that threaten your retirement income. Medical expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare, extended stays in a long term care facility or home health care expenses can all quickly eat away at the retirement nest egg that you’ve worked so hard to build. Puritan offers insurance solutions such as Single Premium Life Insurance policies and Medicare Supplement Insurance that help provide you with protection against the rising cost of health care for seniors. Talk with your Puritan representative about how to help protect your retirement income today!

Puritan Life is committed to providing for all of your financial needs in retirement.

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