Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Are You Prepared?

You’ve reached a point in life where you’re thinking more about the future. You made some wise financial decisions when you were younger, but you’re wondering if you’ll be able to live the life that you want when you decide to retire or at least slow down a bit. Do you have enough? Where will your income come from when you are no longer working?

Retirement Income Planning

The ability to maintain a quality standard of living in retirement is the primary concern of most people planning for retirement. You’re probably no different. You want to know if you can still do the things that you love and enjoy life after you’ve stopped working. With proper retirement income planning, you can. Our experienced representatives can help you put together a retirement income plan to meet your needs and give you the comfort and peace of mind that your retirement income isn’t left to chance.

Protecting Your Family and Your Nest Egg

Do you have the financial means to handle unforeseen circumstances? Would your family be financially provided for if you weren’t there? Do you have any coverage in place to help cover the rising cost of health care in the later stages of life? Are your assets protected from creditors or judgments? Puritan Life offers solutions for all of these concerns. Talk with your Puritan Advisor* to learn more about our insurance products.

Investment Management

Is your investment portfolio positioned to best manage your risk and help you reach your goals? As your thinking is shifting more toward the future, your investment portfolio should also begin shifting to more secure and conservative investment products. It’s all too common for people to invest in high growth investment products early in life and then find themselves in retirement with the same high risk, high return investment products. Now is the time to revisit your investment portfolio and make sure that your investments match up with your life stage, circumstance and risk tolerance. A Puritan Wealth Management Investment Advisor can help you review your portfolio and suggest appropriate products for your situation and needs.

Puritan Life Can Help

Whether you are concerned about retirement income, insurance, investment management, or college funding – we’re here to help. Your Puritan Advisor* has a wealth of knowledge and can provide you with guidance and advice on which financial solutions are best suited to help you prepare for retirement.

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