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About Medicare Plan N Supplemental Insurance


by Jason Elwonger on May 30, 2012

About Medicare Plan N Supplemental Insurance

You have decided to enroll in a Medicare supplemental insurance plan to act as secondary coverage to your original Medicare policy. You have done some research and are interested in Medicare plan N supplemental insurance. Plan N offers great benefits while keeping premiums lower than with other Medicare supplemental insurance plans. In exchange for the advantage of paying a lower premium, you will pay a low co-payment and deductible.

Outline of Medicare Plan N benefits include:

  • Co-payments for doctor appointments will be $20
  • Co-payment for emergency room trips will be $50.
  • 80% of emergency care received outside the U.S. up to a maximum of $50,000.
  • Freedom of choice to see any doctor or physician, and ability to select any hospital that accepts Medicare.
  • Low Premium cost
  • The 20% gap in your Medicare coverage COVERED!

Review the key benefits offered with Medicare supplement plan n. Now, make sure that those benefits are practical when applied to your individual health care needs!

The most important factor to consider when selecting your ideal Medicare supplemental insurance policy is to choose the plan that most suits you and your personal needs and objectives.  Puritan will provide you with free quote(s) for Medicare plan n and/or a variety of other plans that may suit your needs.  Take advantage of this complimentary service, providing you with free quote comparisons from numerous top-rated Medicare supplemental insurance carriers. Click below to find out how we may be able to save you money!


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