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Affordable Medicare Supplement in Texas


by Jason Elwonger on September 22, 2011

Affordable Medicare Supplement in Texas

            With the unfortunate economy we are all dealing with these days, seniors are forced to cut back on many important expenses. Regrettably, that oftentimes includes health insurance. Luckily, seniors can rely on Medicare to an extent. However, since Medicare only covers 80% of approved medical expenses, members are left to figure out how they will pay the other 20% on their own. For this reason, Medicare Supplement policies were put in place to act as secondary coverage for those with Medicare Part A and B.

            Medigap, or Medicare Supplement, plans are standardized across the nation to provide the same benefits. For example, whether you have Plan G through Company A or Company B, the benefits will remain the same for that particular plan. Although these plans are uniform in nature, it is essential to understand that Medicare rates can vary greatly from one insurer to the next. Pricing can be based on things such as your zip code of residence, tobacco usage, current age and health status, etc.

            If you are looking for an affordable Medicare Supplement in Texas, the best thing to do is to use the internet to research the top Medigap insurers. After you have done that, you should then obtain your free personalized quotes from each company. This will give you the tools you need to do some comparison shopping and ultimately, find the best Medicare Supplement policy at the right price.


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