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Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: Plan F or Plan G?


by Jason Elwonger on June 6, 2012

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: Plan F or Plan G?

As an individual with original Medicare (Parts A & B), you have likely been informed of the benefits of having Medicare supplemental insurance. Original Medicare does cover 80% of your approved medical expenses. Medicare supplement policies were designed to bridge that 20% gap in your health coverage left over from Medicare. By adding a Medicare supplemental insurance plan to your existing original Medicare coverage, you have the ability to obtain 100% coverage for your Medicare-approved health expenses.

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Selecting the best Medicare supplement plan should be based on your individual needs. You should evaluate your anticipated health care needs and financial objectives to determine what benefits and cost structure are right for you. The Medigap policies that offer the most extensive benefits are Plan F and Plan F. 

How to decide whether to select Plan F or Plan G? Below is a list of benefits offered by Medicare supplemental insurance Plan F.

  • NO co-payments
  • NO deductibles.
  • Freedom of choice to see any doctor or physician, and ability to select any hospital that accepts Medicare.
  • Predictable budget for your health care needs since you will not be paying anything out-of-pocket.
  • The 20% gap in your Medicare coverage COVERED!

Plan G Medicare supplemental insurance offers the same benefits as Plan F with a lower monthly premium. The only difference in choosing Plan F or Plan G, is that Plan G does require a small deductible payment. Medicare Supplement Plan G is attractive to those who love all of the features of Plan F but cannot quite afford the Plan F premium amount.

Whether you choose, Plan F or Plan G, make sure it is the plan that best suits you personally. If you need help shopping the market, Puritan is able to assist you by providing you with free rate quote(s) from several of the top-appointed Medicare supplemental insurance carriers in the country! Click below for this complimentary service.


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