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Could Medicare Plan N be right for You?


by Jason Elwonger on May 16, 2012

Could Medicare Plan N be right for you?

Plan N is one of a range of Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans. All Medigap policies, including Plan N, are standardized throughout the Medicare supplemental insurance industry.

  • What does this mean for you?  It means that, whether you buy Plan N from one company or another, the benefits are still the same.

  • Who is eligible to apply for Medicare Supplement Plan N? Individuals 65 years or older and enrolled in original Medicare are eligible.

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Medicare Supplement Plan N is ideal for those who can expect to see the doctor for fewer visits each year, for example, someone who simply needs routine check-ups performed. This particular policy uses co-payments in order to keep that premium cost low. Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the opportunity to pay a low premium, and yet, still be completely covered.

With Medicare Plan N, when you visit the doctor, you will make a $20 dollar co-pay and for any emergency room trips you will pay a $50 dollar co-payment. With premium pricing staying nice and low, you have the tools necessary to properly budget for your anticipated healthcare needs.

Your Medicare Plan N policy will be of great benefit to you in a multitude of ways! For more information, or to receive a free rate quote click below!


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