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Eliminate Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses with Plan F


by Jason Elwonger on March 21, 2012

Eliminate Your out-of-pocket expenses with Plan F

As a member of Medicare, you have most likely been introduced to Medicare Supplement insurance. Perhaps you have heard that Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive policy available, however, do you really know what benefits Plan F will provide you?

                     Plan F

Insurance brokers often refer to Medigap Plan F as the “Cadillac” plan or the “cream of the crop” of Medicare Supplement policies. Some key features offered include:

  • NO deductibles. The policy will pay all of your approved medical expenses, and you do not have to meet any deductible first.
  • NO co-payments. You can go to the doctor or hospital whenever the need arises without having to worry about being able to afford to pay for an office visit.
  • NO unexpected out-of-pocket expenses to worry about.

Obviously, being the most all-inclusive policy available, you may expect to pay a higher premium than some other plans might require. However, there are affordable alternatives to Medicare Supplement Plan F. One plan in particular offers the same exact benefits as Plan F with a lower monthly premium. The only difference in the two policies is that Plan G does have a small deductible of $140. Medicare Supplement Plan G is attractive to those who love all of the features of Plan F but cannot quite afford the quoted monthly premium amount.

As experts in the industry, we understand that Medicare Supplement Plan F is not right for every single person. You should choose a policy that fits your needs and objectives both financially and medically. If you find that neither Plan F nor Plan G is suited for you, a reasonable recommendation might be Medicare Supplement Plan N. By clicking below, you may obtain a free quote for any Medicare Supplement policy that interests you!


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