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How Does My Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Compare to Others?


by Jason Elwonger on March 19, 2012

“How does my Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement compare to others?”

Though Mutual of Omaha is a top-rated company in the Medigap industry, the benefits offered through the policies sold are not exclusive. Medicare Supplement plans are standardized everywhere that they are sold. What this means is that no matter if you purchase your Medicare Supplement Plan F through one company or another, it will still carry the same resume of benefits. The policies are exactly the same in that a “Plan F” with one company is still a “Plan F” with another company.

It is important to note that although Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan F provides equal benefits, premium pricing is not uniform between companies. While your Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement is likely to be competitively priced, that does not mean that it will carry the most affordable rate for your policy of choice. Comparison shopping is essential in finding the cheapest monthly premium available to you. Whether you are looking for Medigap Plan F or another Medicare Supplement plan, you should be able to obtain free quotes for any policy that interests you.

         Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement

Keep in mind that Medigap insurers will take certain aspects into account when evaluating you as a potential customer:

  • Where You Currently Reside
  • Your Gender
  • Your Current Age
  • Current Health Status
  • Usage of Tobacco Products

If you apply for your Medicare Supplement Plan F policy during your Open Enrollment Period, you can avoid medical underwriting. However, if you are outside of this period of time, you will likely be subjected to answering health questions. The answers you provide can impact whether or not coverage is extended to you and how much you might have to pay for your monthly premium. You may take comfort in knowing that your policy benefits are the best available for that particular plan. The easiest way to shop multiple policies with several top-rated carriers at the same time is to use a company like Puritan. Puritan will do all the work for you in order to present you with options that best suit your needs both financially and medically.


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