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“Is Medicare Supplement Plan F an Affordable Supplement?”


by Jason Elwonger on March 26, 2012

“Is Medicare Supplement Plan F an affordable supplement?”

Oftentimes, senior citizens are unfamiliar with forms of health insurance that aren’t specifically Medicare. Although Medicare is usually the first option for those that have reached the age of 65, it is certainly not the only option available. Contrary to popular belief, Medicare actually only covers 80% of approved medical expenses for its members. While a decent portion is covered for you, there is still a gap in coverage that you would be responsible for. Thankfully, Medicare Supplement policies were put into place to help members of Medicare Part B cover the 20% gap that is left behind.

When shopping for Medicare Supplement insurance, you will likely learn that Medigap Plan F is the most all-inclusive supplemental coverage that you can obtain. This is the plan that will give you the ultimate coverage requiring you to pay absolutely no co-payments. Plan F completely covers the 20% gap in your Medicare coverage. With this policy, you would not have any deductibles to satisfy. You would be responsible for your monthly premium payment, however, you would not have any other out-of-pocket expenses throughout the year.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Now that you know how great Medicare Supplement Plan F is, you are probably wondering if it is an affordable supplement. There is no standard yes or no answer to that question. Plan F is primarily suitable for someone who:

  • Needs to see a physician multiple times throughout the year.
  • Does not like dealing with co-payments or high deductibles.
  • Wants to save money on their health insurance.

With better benefits will usually come a higher premium. Someone who attends to doctor visits several times a year could greatly benefit by the absence in co-payments and deductibles. Understandably, not every person will be able to afford to pay high premium costs. There are other beneficial policies available to those who would like to keep their premium nice and low. Plan G is the most comparable plan to Plan F. The only difference is that with Plan G, there is a small $140 deductible in place. Otherwise, Plan G is every bit as comprehensive as Medicare Plan F.

There is not one specific plan that is the “best Medicare Supplement” because not all policies benefit each person in the same way. You will want to choose your policy based on a few important factors:

  1. Your own personal needs and objectives.
  2. Your budget capabilities and requirements.
  3. Your desired benefits.

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