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Is Plan L the Best Medicare Supplement?


by Jason Elwonger on November 16, 2011

Is Plan L the Best Medicare Supplement?

                 Upon turning 65 years of age, a vast majority of senior citizens are enrolled in Medicare. The governmental plan is extremely helpful in that it covers 80% of our approved medical expenses. However, the remaining 20% is left to up to us, as members. Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, policies were developed as a means of secondary coverage to accompany traditional Medicare. Having a good Medicare Supplement plan to go with your Medicare is vital in obtaining quality healthcare without having to pay a fortune for it.

                Which Medicare Supplement plan is best for you? That is for you to determine based on your own needs/desires and what kind of budget you may be working with. While those with ongoing medical issues will probably want a more comprehensive plan, those with very few medical expenses opt to enroll in Plan L or similar insurance plans. Plan L has the ability provide dependable coverage while still allowing you to save on monthly premiums.

Just a few of the basic benefits covered by Plan L:

  • Co-insurance for hospital costs of Medicare Part A plus an extra year after Medicare benefits have been exhausted.
  • 75% of co-insurance for Medicare Part B health coverage. (This does not include Preventative Care Services)
  • 75% of the deductible for Medicare Part A Hospice care.
  • 75% of co-insurance for skilled nursing facilities.
  • 75% of the first three pints of blood.

The out-of-pocket limit for Plan L is $4,620. After this out-of-pocket limit and your annual Medicare Part B deductible is also reached, Plan L then pays for 100% of your covered services for the remainder of that calendar year.

Is Plan L the best Medicare Supplement and is it right for you? That depends on your specific health situation and lifestyle. If you are one that tends to have few medical expenses arise, Plan L could definitely be ideal for you. If you are one that generally has a few more medical needs throughout the year, Medicare Supplement Plan F may be a better fit for you.


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