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Medicare Supplement Market Terms Simplified


by Jason Elwonger on May 9, 2012

Medicare Supplement Market Terms: Simplified

Medicare supplemental insurance for seniors is available to individuals with original Medicare. When researching the best Medicare supplement plan to fit your needs, you may come across certain unfamiliar terms.

Four of the most common terms are defined and explained in simple terms below:

  1. Medigap
  2. Deductible
  3. Premium
  4. “Out of Pocket” Cost/Expenses

1. Medigap

What is Medigap? Medigap is just another name for Medicare supplemental insurance. Individuals with Medicare qualify for Medigap (or Medicare Supplemental Insurance) because it is designed to help you pay for what your original Medicare does not cover. There are several plans to choose from including; Plan F, Plan G, Plan K, Plan L, Plan M and Plan N. It is important to research the Medicare supplement market to find out which of the plans will be most beneficial. Click the red button below to get help from a licensed agent who will help you choose the best Medicare supplement plan for your needs.

Definition of Deductible– The monetary amount you have to pay out-of-pocket, before your insurance company will cover the remaining costs.

Depending on the Medicare supplemental insurance plan, the deductible can vary. Choosing a plan with a higher deductible, may mean you pay a lower premium. The choice is best made with your personal preference in mind. It is important to take into consideration your financial status when determining the right deductible amount for you.

3. Premium

What is a Premium? Your premium will be the money that you pay to cover the cost of your Medicare supplemental insurance policy. Select a plan with a premium amount that will allow you to easily make payments without difficulties. You want to make sure you always keep your premium payments current or you could risk losing your coverage. You will also want to make sure you get a premium that will allow you to have the most coverage that you can afford.

4. “Out of Pocket” Expenses or Cost

What is Out of Pocket Cost? Out of pocket cost for your Medicare supplement plan will be the money that you have to pay from your own pocket for any medical bills. The out of pocket expenses you will pay include your premium and deductible. The best way to save money on your Medicare supplemental insurance will be to limit the out of pocket cost as much as possible without limiting the amount of coverage that you get. This will ensure that you get the most coverage possible and do not have to spend too much of your own money for your policy.

Bottom Line:

Select the plan that will allow you to have the most coverage that you need and can afford. The key is to select a plan with a premium that will allow you to easily make the payments without having any difficulties, and a deductible that is not too high.

You have a choice! A free service is offered to individuals with Medicare, to help consolidate all of the information you need and to choose the best Medicare supplemental insurance policy. Click the orange button below to take advantage of this complimentary service.


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