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Medicare Supplement Plan F – Your Health Insurance Simplified


by Jason Elwonger on March 22, 2012

Medicare Supplement Plan F – Your Health Insurance Simplified

More and more Medicare-aged seniors are looking to Medicare Supplement insurance to aid them in paying for high-priced medical expenses. While most citizens are aware that Medicare is available to them, they aren’t always familiar with the fact that Medicare only covers 80% of its members’ approved medical costs. The 20% gap left behind is often paid for by the insured themselves. With so many Americans living directly off of their social security checks, the need to cut unnecessary spending is prominent. Medigap insurance may, potentially, save its insured members hundreds of dollars on their health insurance each year.

Although there are, generally, about 10 policies available in some states, not all of them are recommended to all Medicare enrollees. The following policies are among the top 3 plans that have proven to be well suited for most members of Medicare.

  • Medicare Supplement Plan F – Considered to be Medicare’s “Cadillac” plan. This is the policy that will provide you complete coverage for the gap left by Medicare. You will not have any co-payments or deductibles to worry about with Plan F.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan G – This policy is every bit as wonderful as Medigap Plan F in that it covers your 20% gap in Medicare coverage. The only difference is that with Plan G, you will be required to satisfy a small deductible of $140.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan N – This policy is often recommended to those who would prefer to keep their monthly premium costs to a minimum. Plan N comes with an array of great benefits accompanied by an affordable monthly rate.

                        Medicare Supplement Plan F

It is important to understand that there is not any one particular Medigap policy that is “right” for everyone. The industry is certainly not “one size fits all”. Although Plan F is the most comprehensive policy, it may not be suited for everyone. You can obtain free quotes, through Puritan, for any policy available in your specific state by clicking below.


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