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Medicare Supplement Plan N – The Affordable Alternative


by Jason Elwonger on March 9, 2012

Medicare Supplement Plan N – The Affordable Alternative

Although Medigap Plan F has proven to be the most comprehensive of all Medicare Supplement policies, it is certainly not the best Medicare Supplement for everyone. Your ideal health insurance plan will be influenced by a number of important factors. While one person might need to visit the doctor several times a year, you may only need to attend to routine medical check-ups. Medigap policies are designed to offer a wide array of benefits to help you make the best decision according to your personal desires and needs. Only you know how much you can afford to pay each month for your health insurance.

Plan F is a wonderful policy for those who can anticipate the need for ongoing medical care or treatment. Medicare Supplement Plan F offers financial stability because you are not required to pay any co-payments or deductibles making that particular plan easily budgeted. Those who have ongoing health issues can benefit greatly by saving hundreds of dollars every year with this policy. There would be one single monthly premium to pay each month, but you would not have to pay anything when you go to see your physician or if you ever need to go to the hospital. You can take comfort in knowing that Plan F covers the 20% gap in your Medicare coverage completely.

                           Medicare Supplement Plan N

If you are unsure of what policy best suits you, no problem. As stated above, no one particular policy is the best Medicare Supplemental insurance policy for everyone. If you are someone who rarely needs to see a doctor, Plan F is not right for you. An affordable alternative is Medicare Supplement Plan N. With this particular policy, you would need to pay co-payments and satisfy a deductible. However, the monthly premium for this plan is much lower than other Medigap policies. Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the opportunity to pay one low monthly premium each month, and yet, still be covered if anything ever happens.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to aid you in making an informed decision:

  • “Do I currently have any health concerns that may cause more problems for me in the future?”
  • “Can I expect to only see the doctor for routine check-ups or will I most likely be visiting the doctor often?”
  • “How much can I afford to pay for my health insurance each month?”

It can sometimes be tough when making decisions about your healthcare. Puritan provides ongoing comfort and support anytime you may need it. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us Today!


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