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Medicare Supplement Plans Such as “Medigap Plan G” Are Standardized


by Jason Elwonger on September 1, 2011

Medicare Supplement Plans such as “Medigap Plan G” are Standardized

            Whether you purchase a Medicare Supplement plan from one insurance company or another, Medigap plans are standardized. What this means is that regardless of which insurer you purchase a Medigap “Plan G” through, it’s still a “Plan G” in that the benefits remain the same. However, premium rates vary from one company to another dependent upon a number of aspects.

            It is essential that you evaluate your personal lifestyle before making a final decision on a Medigap/Medicare Supplement plan. Some individuals require extra coverage, whereas, with others the basic coverage might suffice. Once you have determined what benefits you desire, you are then able to choose which plan and insurance carrier seem most appealing to you.


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