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Medigap Plan F VS Plan G – The Smarter Option


by Jason Elwonger on March 20, 2012

Medigap Plan F vs. Plan G – The Smarter Option

As a member of Medicare, you have likely heard about the importance of having Medicare Supplemental insurance. You should be aware that Medicare only covers about 80% of your approved medical expenses. With Medicare Supplement policies, you can bridge the 20% gap that Medicare leaves in your health coverage. By having Medicare accompanied by a Medigap insurance plan, you have the ability of obtaining 100% coverage for your Medicare-approved health expenses.

        Medigap Plan F

Obviously, most seniors prefer to have the most comprehensive coverage that is available. However, the most comprehensive policy is not necessarily the most affordable. The best Medicare Supplemental insurance plan should be based on more than just the benefits the policy offers. You should evaluate your needs and financial objectives to determine what benefits you require as opposed to how much money you are willing to pay to obtain those benefits. No matter what you come up with, your goal should be to find a plan that best suits you personally.

The most all-inclusive Medicare Supplement policy you can get is Medigap Plan F. Some attractive features that Plan F offers include:

  • One flat monthly premium and absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Freedom from no co-payments or deductibles to satisfy.
  • You are free to see any doctor, or go to any hospital, that accepts Medicare.

Although Medicare Supplement Plan F will have the most extensive resume of benefits, it will also be the most expensive: You pay more for better coverage. Plan G offers a lower monthly premium, however, you would be required to satisfy a small deductible of $140 per year. Other than the small deductible, you would receive all of the same great benefits that come with Plan F, and yet, still pay a little less each month for your coverage. You can rest assured that whether you choose Plan F or Plan G for your supplemental coverage, you will not incur any surprise bills or expenses. Simply pay your premium each month, and you are covered for everything approved by Medicare.

If you need help shopping the market, Puritan may be able to assist you by providing you with free rate quote from several of our top-appointed Medigap insurers!


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