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New to Medicare and Looking for the Best Medicare Supplement


by Jason Elwonger on March 19, 2012

New to Medicare and looking for the Best Medicare Supplement?

Are you new to Medicare? Have you been enrolled in both Part A and Part B? Are you interested in finding a comprehensive Medicare Supplemental insurance policy to fill the gap in your Medicare coverage?

If you answered yes to those questions, Puritan may be able to assist you. The best Medicare Supplement depends on a number of factors, and we can walk you through the process to figure out which policy best suits your needs and objectives.

   Best Medicare Supplement

If you are someone who can anticipate needing to go to the doctor to see your physician multiple times each year, there are a couple of plans that may suit you:

Medigap Plan F is highly recommended to those who require a more comprehensive, or all-inclusive, insurance policy. This is the plan that will allow you to pay one flat monthly premium without the worry of paying any co-payments or meeting any deductibles. While the premium price is usually a little bit higher than comparable policies, the benefits will prove to be the best Medicare Supplement you can obtain. By avoiding co-payments and deductibles, you are able to easily budget ahead of time for your yearly healthcare needs. With Plan F, you have an opportunity to save up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Plan G is comparable to Medicare Supplement Plan F in that it provides the same exact benefits. The one exception is that, while there are no deductibles present in Plan F, Plan G has a small deductible of $140 per year. If you are satisfied with having a small deductible, you may be able to get Plan G at a less-expensive monthly rate. This policy is just as highly sought as Plan F due to its’ great benefits and lower monthly premium. Those who do not feel that either Plan F or Plan G suits them are often recommended Medicare Supplement Plan N.

The best Medicare Supplement is not necessarily any certain policy in particular, but rather, the plan that most suits you and your personal needs and objectives. Puritan will provide you with free quote for all of these policies with several of our top-appointed insurance carriers. Click below to find out how we may be able to save you money!


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