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Plan F – One Flat Monthly Premium and ZERO Out-of-Pocket Expenses!


by Jason Elwonger on March 13, 2012

Plan F – One Flat Monthly Premium and ZERO out-of-pocket expenses!

  • Are you enrolled in Medicare Part A and B?
  • Do you have supplemental health coverage?
  • Did you know that Medicare doesn’t cover everything?
  • Are you worried about how you might be able to affrod to pay for your medical expenses this year?

If you are a senior citizen who cannot afford to pay for high-cost medical care, you are not alone. As a member, you know that you can rely on Medicare for 80% of your approved medical expenses. The 20% gap that Medicare leaves behind can be detrimental to your wallet if you are not covered by supplemental health insurance. The most all-inclusive Medicare Supplement policy you could obtain is Medicare Supplement Plan F. With this particular plan, you can easily predict your yearly healthcare expenses because you will only pay one flat monthly premium. You will not have any co-payments to pay, and you won’t have to meet any high deductibles.

  • Are you someone who can anticipate having to see a physician multiple times every month?
  • Do you have ongoing health concerns that might require a continual medication regimen or treatment program?
  • Do you like having the luxury of knowing exactly how much you will pay in a given year for your medical needs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Plan F is ideal for you. Medigap Plan F provides all of those luxuries and more. Being covered under this policy means that you will simply pay your monthly premium amount, and you will incur ZERO out-of-pocket expenses for anything throughout the year. Rest assured that you will be able to see any doctor you’d like or go to any hospital of your choice with Plan F. There are no network restrictions that would limit your options.

Plan F

Everything you could ever want in a Medicare Supplement policy is encompassed in Medicare Supplement Plan F. Don’t wait to start saving money…get your free rate quote today!


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