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Plan N is the Most Cost-Effective Medicare Supplement Policy


by Jason Elwonger on March 13, 2012

Plan N is the most cost-effective Medicare Supplement Policy

Most senior citizens are aware that Medicare should be their first and foremost option when it comes to health insurance. As a United States citizen, it is your right to utilize this federal program of health insurance that was put in place specifically for your benefit. Thankfully, Medicare takes care of 80% of your approved medical expenses. However, some fail to realize that the remaining 20% will still need to be covered somehow. While you can always pay the remaining balance out-of-pocket as needed, it is nearly impossible to estimate how much you might be spending that way. With a Medicare Supplement policy, you can fill the gap that Medicare leaves behind all the while having the benefit of being able to predict your healthcare costs for the current calendar year.

Though Plan F is the most comprehensive coverage available, it is certainly not the best option for everyone. The monthly premiums tend to be much higher because there are no co-payments or deductibles that you must pay. Once you pay your premium, you will have 100% coverage through Medicare and your secondary health insurance, Plan F. This policy tends to be best-suited to those who might anticipate the need for ongoing medical appointments, medications, or treatments. A person who is used to paying several co-payments each year for many doctor or hospital appointments could benefit greatly by having one flat monthly premium and no deductibles or co-payments to consider.

Contrarily, someone who hardly ever has the need to see a physician would not be suited for a policy like Medicare Supplement Plan F. There is no point in paying such a high monthly premium amount if you will rarely need to utilize your benefits. If you are someone like that, it makes more sense for you to enroll in a policy like Plan N. While you will have co-payments and deductibles to satisfy, your monthly premium will be much lower and more affordable. Many seniors find comfort in learning that they can still achieve secondary health coverage without having to pay a fortune each month. For this reason, Medicare Supplement Plan N is the most cost-effective option.

   Plan N

Key features that many seniors find attractive about Plan N Medicare Supplement:

  • Like other policies of its type, Medicare Supplement Plan N offers the freedom to choose what doctor or hospital you go to. There are no network restrictions like with other health plans.
  • Members are able to take advantage of comprehensive benefits without having to pay high premiums each month.
  • With Plan N, the co-payments are affordable and the deductibles are reasonable.


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