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Preventative Screening Information for Women with Medicare


by Jason Elwonger on April 26, 2012

Preventative Screening Information with Women with Medicare

Women with original Medicare are provided with 80% coverage for these 3 preventative services specific to women:

  1. Pap Test
  2. Pelvic Exam
  3. Clinical Breast Exam

Medicare will help pay for these screenings once every 2 years.  However, Medicare alone does NOT cover all of your preventative healthcare needs.  For example, your doctor may recommend that you receive further screenings that are not covered by Medicare.  In addition, your doctor may recommend that you have a Pap test, pelvic exam, or clinical breast exam, performed more often than one time every 24 months.

The Department of Health and Human Services has provided an easy to read brochure that outlines the preventative screening and services that Medicare does and does not cover. This informational booklet is entitled, “Women with Medicare”.  Please download this valuable resource by clicking the attachment below.

Women with Medicare: Visiting Your Doctor for a Pap Test, Pelvic Exam, & Clinical Breast ExamiStock 000016587213 woman at doctor

In order to receive help with payment for services not covered by original Medicare, women are requesting information about Medicare supplemental insurance policies. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans were designed to act as secondary coverage to your Medicare policy.

Selecting the best Medicare supplemental insurance is an important choice. Any woman enrolled in Medicare should take time to explore their Medicare supplemental policy options.  Sifting through the vast array of policy choices can prove to be an intimidating task. The easiest and most effective way to explore all of your policy options is to contact a company that provides free information and rate comparisons.

One top-rated company that provides this service is Puritan Financial Group. Agents are on-call and ready to answer any and all questions. In addition they will compare rates from top Medicare supplemental insurance providers for the plan that meets your needs.

If you are not sure which plan is the best Medicare Supplemental insurance plan for you and your needs, an independent agent can help answer any question you may have. Inquire today for your free Medigap quote!


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