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Terminology Behind Your Medicare Supplement Policy


by Jason Elwonger on December 6, 2011

Terminology Behind Your Medicare Supplement Policy

When it comes to purchasing your Medicare Supplement policy, the language might be a bit confusing. To someone unfamiliar with the healthcare industry, it can be quite a feat trying to determine what some of the terminology actually means. With senior citizens being the primary market for Medicare Supplement policies, the need for a broader explanation arises. Once a person has reached 65 years of age and is enrolled in Medicare, Medigap plans are available to them as secondary health coverage.

                Though the most widely used terminology is known as Medicare Supplement, Medigap means the exact same thing. Some insurance companies may refer to their Medicare insurance plans as Medigap while others prefer to simply call them Medicare Supplement policies. The fact remains that each plan or policy is, serves, in and of itself, the very same purpose. No matter which company you purchase your policy through, it will entail the same exact benefits than that of another insurer. For example, Medicare Supplement Plan F (Medigap Plan F) will provide identical benefits no matter which company it is purchased from. In this same sense, Medicare Supplement Plan G is simply Plan G with all Medigap insurance companies.

                Simply understanding the terminology behind comprehensive insurance plans, like Plan F and Plan G, can help you to obtain a much more affordable rate for the policy you desire. Companies like Puritan are able to provide you several quotes free of charge from the top Medicare Supplement insurance providers. Having a company like Puritan on your side will not only make your buying experience quick and easy, but you will be left with a sense of security. Puritan’s Medigap Advisors are happy to explain things further in detail with you to help you gain a full and complete understanding before you make your final decision.


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