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True or False? Plan N Medicare Supplemental Insurance Facts


by Jason Elwonger on June 8, 2012

True or False? Plan N Medicare Supplemental Insurance Facts

Common misconceptions regarding Plan N Medicare:

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FALSE: “Because pricing is standardized, I can not get a better deal on Medigap Plan N by purchasing my plan through another insurer.”

TRUE: Pricing is absolutely not standardized. By doing a little price comparison and shopping around, it is very likely that you will find the very same policy to be cheaper through another company that offers it.

FALSE: “If I want to purchase Medicare Plan N, I can only purchase my policy through certain Medigap carriers since not all of them carry the same plans.”

TRUE: Each Medicare Supplement insurance provider is required to offer the same exact policies accompanied by the same benefits. However, pricing may vary from one company to another.

Simply understanding the facts and debunking myths regarding supplemental insurance plans, like Plan N Medicare supplemental insurance, can help you to obtain a much more affordable rate for the policy you desire.

Companies like Puritan are able to provide you with complimentary quotes from the several top Medicare supplement insurance providers. Having a company like Puritan on your side will not only make your buying experience quick and easy, but will give you a sense of security. Puritan’s Medigap Advisors are happy to help you gain a full and complete understanding before you make your final decision.


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