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What is the difference between Plan F & Plan G?


by Jason Elwonger on November 29, 2011

What is the difference between Plan F & Plan G?

                 Of the most popular of all Medicare Supplement plans are Plan F and Plan G. While these two policies are very similar, there are a few significant differences in the two plans. Both policies offer comprehensive and adequate coverage to those enrolled in Medicare Part A and B. Once seniors reach 65 years of age and are enrolled in Medicare, they have the option to apply for a Medicare Supplement policy at any time.

                Some of the benefits shared by Plan F and Plan G:

  • Entire 20% gap in Medicare Coverage.
  • Part A Deductible. ($1,132 per year for 2011)
  • Part B Excess Charges.

**Both policies are ideal for people with pre-existing conditions that might require ongoing medication or medical treatment.

                So, what is the big difference in coverage between Plans F and G? Plan F covers your Part B deductible of $162 per year while Plan G does not. Naturally, you would pay a little more on your premium each month for Plan F since it provides extra coverage. Plan F requires no out-of-pocket co-pays for hospital or doctor visits. Though Plan F has additional coverage, Plan G still provides stability for those with predictable medical expenses. Plan G is a more cost-effective option for those who cannot afford a high monthly premium.

                Whether you choose Plan F or Plan G, you can be confident in knowing that your healthcare coverage is secure.


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