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Where You Live Affects Your Medicare Supplement Policy


by Jason Elwonger on September 1, 2011

Where You Live Affects Your Medicare Supplement Policy

            Unknown to many, where you live makes a difference when it comes to how much you are expected to pay for your Medicare Supplement policy. More specifically, the zip code you reside in determines a few different factors. For instance, depending on local conditions such as wealth or poverty, operating costs could be higher than usual causing health insurance rates to increase.

            Obviously, if you are living in a wealthier upscale community, insurance companies will assume that you can afford a little more than others for your health insurance. Of course, that is definitely not the case in every situation. Some opt to relocate to a nearby community while others do not have that option due to their own circumstances. No matter what zip code you live in, you are still able to shop around for great healthcare coverage at a reasonable price. Most importantly, you should do your research and be sure to obtain and compare quotes from the top Medicare Supplemental Providers.


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