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Women with Medicare: National Women’s Health Week


by Jason Elwonger on May 16, 2012

Women with Medicare: National Women’s Health Week

Its Your Time!

This week of May 13th-19th, 2012 is National Women’s Health Week. This is a weeklong celebration of womens’ health organized by the Department of Health & Human Services’ and Office of Women’s Health. How appropriate that this week, following Mother’s Day, is a week dedicated to the health and well-being of women everywhere. It is important that we hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility to support a longer, happier, healthier life!

Part of maintaing a healthy lifestyle means making sure women with Medicare take advantage of preventive services. Women with original Medicare, have 80% of some of the important screening exams covered. However, it is important to know which tests are covered, and how often. 

The link below is a valuable tool in understanding what screening tests should be done, and how often they should be performed.  The guide is organized by age and test, to inform women of all ages how often each specific screening check should be completed.

Click the link below to view the chart, “Screening Tests for Women”

Screening Test Informational Chart

Many of the preventive screening services recommended for women 65 and older, may not be covered by Medicare alone.  This is where a Medicare supplemental insurance plan plays a vital role.  Having a Medigap plan (such as Medicare supplement Plan F, Plan G or Plan N etc…) will cover the 20% gap that is not covered by Medicare alone. 

In order to understand which plan is the best Medicare supplement plan for you, a free service is provided below. Click the button to find out how a Medigap policy will benefit you. Get your free, individualized quote below!


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