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Your Medigap Plan N Supplemental Insurance Policy Simplified


by Jason Elwonger on June 5, 2012

Your Medigap Plan N Supplemental Insurance Policy: Simplified

You have just been enrolled in Medicare Plan N supplemental insurance, to act as secondary coverage to your original Medicare policy, but do you fully understand what benefits that your plan provides? Plan N Medicare supplement insurance offers great benefits for its members. With premium pricing staying nice and low, you have the tools necessary to properly budget for your anticipated health care needs.
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Some highlights of your Medigap Plan N policy benefits include:

  • The 20% gap in your original Medicare coverage…COVERED
  • Coverage for your Part A (hospital) deductible of $1,132 per year.
  • Freedom of choice to see any doctor or physician, and ability to select any hospital that accepts Medicare.
  • Low Premium cost
  • 80% of emergency foreign travel care COVERED up to a maximum of $50,000.

While you will be required to pay co-payments, you are rewarded by the fact that your premium will stay at a low and affordable rate.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan N co-payments:

  • Co-payments for doctor appointments will be $20
  • Co-payment for emergency room trips will be $50.

Medicare Plan N is ideal for individuals who can expect to see the doctor for fewer visits each year, perhaps, someone who only needs to have routine well checks performed. Your Medigap Plan N Supplement insurance policy will be of great benefit to you in a multitude of ways!


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